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Feature film / Drama

Luna now offers a range of systems well suited for rental to film and drama production. We aim to offer an alternative to the more traditional companies by showcasing the latest systems. With a core belief that we supply only the best equipment on time and in top condition, we meet many of the requirements of grips and DOPs. Every job we undertake is treated with the same exacting standards and our film trained technicians are enthusiastic and driven to help you capture the most creative shots.

We offer a number of remote camera support systems for hire that you wouldn’t necessarily find at many other rental houses making us unique in our ability to offer the client a new method of capturing the desired shot.

Towercam hire is extremely poplar with our clients, we hire Towercam’s to many top production companies on both feature film and drama. Working closely with grip department we aim to help them get the most out of the Towercam. We can also offer a 2 axis remote head for hire which works hand in hand with the Towercam.

Hire remote camera support systems for Film production
Hire Towercam // Hire L40 // Hire Junior Dolly // Hire Dactylcam // Hire Newton S1

Multi camera / Light entertainment

We are specialists in the assembly and operation of remote camera support systems. Our systems incorporate the latest technology with an element of familiarity often with a single man operating pan, tilt zoom and focus via Joystick or pan bar control. The majority of our systems have software that allows the operator to set up shortcuts to recall memory positions on a button.

We regularly undertake projects from long term remote camera head hire or camera dolly rental to multi-system rigs on high profile entertainment shows that require reliable and precise equipment to enhance camera movement during scripted shots.

The Junior 5 remote dolly is the jewel in our crown. We have UK exclusivity to the system and it the most advanced system of its type in the world. If you want to hire remote camera dollies then the Junior 5 remote dolly should be your number one choice.

We also offer Sony broadcast cameras for hire and as well as hire of Canon HJ14 lens which is the perfect package for many of our hot heads and Junior 5 dolly.

Hire remote cameras for Light Entertainment production:
Hire Junior 5 // Hire B20 // Hire MF Series 5 Remote Head // Hire Jimmy Jib Triangle // Hire Dactylcam // Hire Towercam // Hire Newton S1

Live event / Sport

Over the past couple of years we have focused our attention on improving the connective ability of our remote systems to make it easier for outside broadcast companies, speeding up the rig and de rig process by minimising cable runs. We are pleased to offer a broad choice of communication protocol between the system and controller so whatever the demands of the job, we can tailor it to your needs and find a solution. We would love to hear from you to help find the best option hot head hire

We stock smart broadcast hot heads but we can also supply the entire camera package using a Sony HDC P1 or Sony HXC P70 camera and Canon HJ14 wide angle broadcast lens for which we have SMPTE fibre convertors for to take the stress away for the OB company and streamline the whole process.

If you want cable cam hire look no further than the Dactylcam Pro, it has been built specifically with live broadcast in mind, with internal lens protocol and RF control many safety features including a secondary line.

Hire Remote cameras for Live event and Sport production
Hire Junior Dolly // Hire MF Series 5 Remote Head // Hire B20 // Hire Towercam // Hire Jimmy Jib Triangle // Hire Newton S1 // Hire Dactylcam

Commercial / Branded content

Since the birth of the viral age, the ever growing need for commercial media content has grown exponentially and created a new market for professional remote camera systems to give that special edge to the content. From fashions shows, Automotive content shoots and Internet commercials, the thirst to shoot in innovative and unusual ways often means we are the people for the job. With this in mind, we are geared up to work on smaller creative crews. Often, with this type of shoot, schedules are more fluid, revolving around a sequence of single camera shots. However we are equally as ready to be deployed on toto highly organised commercial shoots, with strict time frames at the very pinnacle of the industry.

We can fulfil your needs if you wish to hire a stabilised remote head for an automotive shoot. The Newton S1 stabilised head is a perfect choice coupled with the CineFlo Black Arm to make mounting and worrying about vibration a thing of the past. If you need an extra dimension to your shoot please give us a call.

Hire remote cameras for branded content production
Hire Junior 5 Dolly // Hire Newton S1 & Black Arm // Hire Dactylcam // Hire Jimmy Jib Triangle // Hire MF Series 5 Remote Head // Hire Towercam // Hire B20


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