Newton S [depreciated]

Stabilised Head

The Newton S is a 3 axis high performance stabilised remote head. Its delivers perfect shots whilst being deployed in a wide range of applications.

Option to add film gears and control through the system.

Hot swappable battery operated.

Built in broadcast lens protocol allows control of zoom and focus without the need for extra gearing.

Boasting wireless control between the head and Dominium controller for up to 2km.

Slip ring feature allows the head to spin continuously without getting tangled up.

Thirty degrees of roll and capable of operating under a 80mph head wind.

The Black Arm is a 3-axis dampening system.

Additional vibration mount for stabilising roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations.

The arm hard mounts to standard speed-rail and could be placed literally anywhere: to the front of the car, low to the ground; on top of the car, high up or even on an ATV to go off-road.

Ideal addition for any kind of car shoot that uses the Newton S.

The Tranquilliser isolator reduces vibrations from lowest possible frequency range and maximise motor torque without getting into self oscillation, which is a common problem with wire rope isolators.

Newton S runs on 2.4 GHZ wireless signal for up to 2km. I can also be run through ethernet protocol allowing third part wireless transfer on 5.8 GHZ.
Luna operates a strict practice when it comes Health and Safety of any flown system. We feel it’s essential to always have a specialised areal rigger part of our team who can concentrate on the the line and its condition in the environment we are working in.

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