MINIMOTE SERIES 5 [depreciated]

Smart Head

A 2 axis hot head with smart functionality, the Minimote Series 5 is simply a remotely operated pan & tilt head but with very unique abilities. It is designed specifically to be discreet as all mechanical parts are below the camera plate minimising the silhouette.

Precise mechanical engineering and proprietary motor drives allow the Minimote to embark up to a 400mm HDTV lens with perfect stability.

All Broadcast lens protocol is integrated in to the system to allow perfect finesse over the control of zoom and focus.

There are options for either Pan bar or Joystick operator control depending on the specific requirements of the shot and operator.

Various mounting and camouflaging options perfect for discrete camera angles on sets and outside broadcast.

Advanced functions

All axis position (including zoom and focus) can be memorised and recalled on demand with absolute precision. The operator may recall pre-established shots or reposition the machine rapidly even when out of sight.

A touch screen user interface allows the operator to gain access to each motor parameter as well as end stops (speed, damping, ramp up and down, user setups back up etc…). A second monitor integrates a proprietary OSD that allows the operator to position over the PGM video feed all axis position, zoom and focus indexes, advanced functions status.


Up to four heads can be operated by one controller. Communication can run over BNC, POE or Ethernet giving options depending on the environment.

Output 12v power specifically to run camera packages. Tally can also be extracted from the camera and run through the system.

The SMPTE Fibre link allows easy connectivity between the system, operator and gallery. Designed to make it as stress free as possible to transfer camera and remote head communication over long distances. Perfect for outside broadcast it negates the need for long looms of cables and individual fibre links.

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