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MAT-TOWERCAM® is a dynamic, remote controlled, telescoping camera column, which can be combined with any standard remote head.

The column runs very smoothly and almost silent while telescoping in up and down which allows the creation of precision ‘on shot’ movement.

MAT-TOWERCAM® can be operated by one person via a foot pedal or hand controller.

Software end stops allow the column to run over a specific height range.

Robust and hardy the Towercam can endure most conditions which makes it a perfect system on outside broadcast and film sets alike. Luna provide made to measure wet weather covers to keep the system protected at all times

The Towercam pedal cable allows remote operation over a standard XLR3 cable. of distances unto 600m.

Footprint Options

The FLAT PLATE allows the TOWERCAM to be mounted as close to the floor as possible. Ideal for static positions where a minimum height is critical. It weighs 40kgs so it’s bulky yet easily manoeuvrable with two men. Size – 4ft x 3ft.

A FOUR WHEEL DOLLY option gives the crew an easy way to reposition the towercam during the day. Whether moving on grass or concrete it’s no problem for the off-road tyres. There is also an option to attach track wheels for manual moving shots. Total weight – 35kgs. Size – 4ft x 4ft.

Lens Height MAX 16.50 ft 33.00ft
Lens Height


6 ft 9.4ft
Lift Speed 3 ft/s 2.60 ft/s
Weight 154 lbs 198 lbs
Load 132lbs 100lbs

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