Junior 4

Tracking Systems



Length 0.75m
Width 0.5m
Height 0.35m
Weight 35kg
Tracking Speed 5m/sec straight, 2m/sec curved
Track Width 31cm

Lens Height

Low 65cm
Standard 1.10 – 1.38m
Telescopic 1.1 – 1.7m
Pan +/- 360°
Pan Speed 180° /sec
Tilt +/- 45°
Tilt Speed 60° /sec


The Micro films Junior 4 is one of the most dynamic remote tracking dolly on the market. It boasts a telescopic column rising to 5ft 6in and reaching a speed of 3m/s. The unique design of the junior 4 means that there is a Low centre of gravity, and the design of the head keeps all the weight absolutely central, giving you the stability to work perfectly at 180 mm. The track width is 31cm and It can also be configured in low angle mode with a lens height of 20 inches. The Junior 4 system also has pan compensation feathering moves between curved and straight track. Operated with a pan bar system makes it user friendly for all camera operators. Remote controlled up to 150 meters. Set up time is minimum 2 hours.

Note: This product is the equivalent of the Furio RC

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