DactylCam Pro Old

Wire Cam

Designed and engineered for broadcast, live event and feature films needing higher capacity payloads, redundant safety features and the power to perform in harsh environments.

The DactylCam Pro is built on an intuitive digital platform allowing users to set digital stops on the line and program acceleration, deceleration and top speed wirelessly through the Pulse controller which displays distance to the end, MPH speed, battery voltage and overall health of the system. Paired up with Newton S stabilised head it makes the perfect system for both broadcast and single camera shoots either in studio or outdoors.

A Safety pulley assembly connects directly  above the sled for additional safety during operation.  

Engineered with Digital Safety Stops, Secondary Safety line, and ACTIVE Traction Control.

The Newton S is a 3 axis high performance stabilised remote head. Its delivers perfect shots whilst being deployed in a wide range of applications.

Built in broadcast lens protocol allows control of zoom and focus without the need for extra gearing.

Boasting wireless control between the head and Dominium controller for up to 2km.

Slip ring feature allows the head to spin continuously without getting tangled up.

The Dactylcam Pro uses 10mm Dyneema line which is stronger and lighter than steel. It can be flown up to a kilometre and is often used to fly people and heavy set in the industry. The Dactyl uses two lines, one for driving the main dolly and one for safety.

DactylCam Pro has integrated RF control running on 2.4Ghgz frequency. Newton S Can be run on either 2.4 ghz, 5.8ghz or licensed through ethernet signal.
Luna has strict operates a strict practice when it comes Health and Safety of any flown system in particular. We feel its essential to always have a specialised areal rigger part of our team who can concentrate on the the line and its condition in the environment we are working in.

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