Motocrane Acro

Universal Car Crane

The Motocrane is a universal and remote controlled car crane which is made unique by its lightweight design and stabilised remote head.

Advanced functions

With advanced functions and impeccable build quality the MotoCrane is the perfect system to capture all automative shots when using a light weight camera package.

A touch screen user interface allows the operator to gain access to each motor parameter as well as end stops (speed, damping, ramp up and down

Perfect performance up to 80 mph+ of headwind.

Max payload weight 12kgs. Support for most industry standard cameras for example (RED, ARRI Mini, Sony F Series).

Worm-drive Swing axis with 7600lbs-ft of Worm-drive Swing axis with 7600lbs-ft of  holding force achieving perfect performance at hight speed.

The Dual Controller upgrade allows for independent control of the ARMA and ACRO. This is the most common method for full-scale productions where the arm and head have dedicated operators.

The ARMA+ Boom Extension Kit increases MotoCrane’s effective reach from 5.5′ to nearly 8.5′. This results in higher/lower reach as well as 1.5x faster linear speeds at the lens.

Command iOS application via iPad.

Can be attached by four high rated suction cups with additional wheel arch straps or via a standard roof rack.

Motocrane uses a 2.4 GHZ wifi control protocol. However the system can also be configured to use Long Range RF. Menus and setup is accessed via Bluetooth.
Luna Remote Systems has a strict health and safety policy. We have assessed all aspects of the build and operation of the system. Measures have been put into place to allow the system to be used in the safest possible way.

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